"If you want to make a living flower you do not build it physically with tweezers cell by cell, you grow it from seed

If you want to design a new flower you will design a new seed to make it grow.

The seeds of the environment are pattern languages"

Christopher Alexander.

"Space has the power to condition behaviour and form personality, The environment effects our emotions, feelings and reactions"


"Eco-innovation is a term used to describe products and processes that contribute to sustainable development. Eco-innovation is the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements.

It is often used to describe a range of related ideas, from environmentally friendly technological advances to socially acceptable innovative paths towards sustainability."


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  • Challenge what you know

    eco-i seeks to fully embrace the individual ethos of a client, to understand what makes them tick. We help them realise their own potential by becoming smarter in the way they consume energy and in how they demonstrate their commitment to their employees. We want to help them challenge how they operate, to investigate new opportunities and find new pathways. We achieve this by gaining a detailed and developed insight into what they do and how they do it. We encourage them to question their methods and motives and this enables us to recommend innovative and efficient solutions to their energy management needs.

    Design Consultancy

    Whether it is designing a new building, or simply making a small alteration to an existing complex, eco-i has the knowledge to create a pathway for intelligent building design. Our skills in HVAC and lighting control application, combined with our understanding of life systems and security solutions, ensures we can deliver a fully integrated design.

    Specification Design

    The engagement of a design specialist has become less prevalent within building services design and even more so in the HVAC domain, due to the lack of available skills within the industry and a more self sufficient approach adopted by some building service consultancies. This leads to the regurgitation of old designs that often do not reflect the best practices or technology.

    At eco-I, we can work alone or as part of a team in developing a specification that incorporates the latest technology and satisfies both current and future legislation. We aim to deliver the intelligent building design tailored to the individual customer's needs.

    Our Services

    • Integration Architecture design
    • Operation narratives to CIBSE and BSRIA standards
    • Installation standards
    • Control panel manufacture standards
    • Wiring schedules
    • HVAC points schedules

    Energy Consultancy

    Due to the continual rise of Co2 emissions within the UK and the government falling short of its CO2 reduction commitments, the onus of responsibility is now on the building owner. eco-i can assist your business with understanding legislation and monitoring your energy.

    CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

    The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was introduced by the government in 2008. Organisations that meet the qualification criteria (6 million kWh's), based on how much electricity they consumed in 2008, will be obliged to participate in the CRC.

    As well as reducing carbon emissions, the scheme will help organisations save money by reducing their energy costs. The better an organisation performs in cutting it's emissions, the higher it will appear in the annual performance league table. Similarly, the lower the amount of carbon produced, the lower the tax costs, which are payable annually.

    We can help you reduce you CRC burden by not only ensuring you comply with the scheme but also by applying our market leading technology to better identify where your cost reductions can be made.

    CRC Phase Two

    The qualification period for Phase Two started on 1st April 2012. More organisations will be invited to register in 2013 and comply with the scheme requirements. Further decisions on the qualification in Phase Two have yet to be released and it is possible that the current qualification level will drop. If you are interested in how the CRC will affect you, we can provide a Phase Two Implications Report, which will provide you with the financial and procedural impact of the scheme and demonstrate how you could be working now to minimise your effort in the long term and keep costs as low as possible.

    Measure your Carbon Footprint

    Have you measured your Carbon Footprint? Why should you measure your emissions?

    • Reduce costs - save energy purchase and tax
    • Improve energy management - identify areas for improvement
    • Compliance - be ready for mandatory reporting and other legislation
    • CSR management - meet objectives, enhance staff motivation and attract good investment

    The first step of any sustainability project should be to gain a clear understanding of it's current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A Carbon Footprint analysis provides a comprehensive assessment and identifies current major emission sources and opportunities for savings in many areas of business cost.

    Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T)

    To understand how a building's energy is being consumed, metering is required across the main services of gas, water and electricity. The data is then collected and a benchmark of the energy consumption can be set. eco-i's AM&T software will allow a detailed analysis of your building's performance and will create a profile of usage. An AM&T system is a vital tool in reducing Co2 emissions and, without it, validating the results of an energy initiative becomes challenging.

    eco-i provides a full turnkey service including:

    • Installation of intelligent electric meters
    • Installation of data collecting devices
    • GSM data collection
    • Integration with BMS systems
    • Data collection and hosting
    • AM&T software and configuration

    Cost Consultancy

    Setting an accurate budget for a development or a refurbishment for automatic controls can be challenging. Technology and methods of control can often make the historical data used rendered obsolete. This can lead to a shortfall in cost that leads to inefficiencies in performance, as the design is developed around the budget and not vice-versa.

    eco-i understands that cost certainty at the inception of a project is the most important factor and we can provide up-to-date costs, which include the elements traditionally missed when designing automatic controls. Uniquely, eco-i provide visibility of both capital (CAPEX) and operation cost (OPEX) to give our clients a firm understanding of what our design will cost and what the projected energy efficiency will return.

    Using the European standard EN15232, eco-i can assess a design and provide data upon it's energy efficiency., this will project the Co2 emissions and running-cost of a building. EN15232 uses a grading system A to D similar to the grading found on all appliances. eco-i can validate a design and assess if it's cost effective to improve to a higher grade, demonstrating payback periods for the investment.

    eco-i can provide:

    • Comprehensive schedule of rates
    • Cost per unit
    • Energy efficiency grading via EN15232
    • Estimating tools

    nb: The costing tool will be available to eco-i members only, to register your interest please contact eco-i here estimatingtool@eco-igroup.com

  • think differently

    eco-i works closely with clients to offer reassurance about our commitment to cost certainty and efficiency from inception through development and beyond delivery. Our innovative approach to the design process can help clients save capital cost by up to 20 per cent, whilst still improving overall energy efficiency by up to 30 per cent as compared to other contemporary systems.

    Our bespoke system designs are tailored specifically with the highest standards in mind and we pay great attention to existing and forthcoming legislation to ensure we supply a comprehensive service. eco-i works closely with architects, cost planners and surveyors to supply them with the energy efficiency options available to them as they seek to fulfil their clients' briefs. We can advise alternatives, create integrated solutions in our in-house development centre and deliver energy management solutions that are bespoke, fit for purpose reliable and future-ready.

    Product Development

    After recognising a shortfall in the range of products needed to deliver the best solutions for clients, we began to develop progressive designs to address this issue. The shortfalls are as a direct result of the industry following two independent paths for lighting control and HVAC. eco-i decided to take the initiative to bridge the gap by creating our own product range, which allows both systems to communicate as a field level device without the need for gateway or other third party devices. This allows eco-i to pass significant savings to the client by the removal of unnecessary layers of automatic controls.

    - more information on our products

    Bespoke Software Development

    Not all systems have the capability to communicate at an intelligent level, even though this is often essential to gain access to a vital piece of information. eco-i has the knowledge and capability to create proprietary drivers at all levels of the management system. We use our eco-inet controller as the vehicle to develop most mediums of communication including the following:

    • RS485-MSTP
    • RS232
    • TCP/IP
    • OPC / SQL

    eco-i supports the development of drivers to perform protocol conversion or interrogate databases either as part of a team or alternatively, we can back-engineer independently to provide your solution.

    Integrated System Development

    Based upon the Niagara system platform, eco-i applies a truly open system to all of our designs. We support all the standard protocols as follows:

    • TCP/IP
    • Native Bactnet (MSTP & IP)
    • Modbus
    • MBus
    • KNX
    • LON
    • DALI
    • SNMP
    • API
    • ONVIF
    • ASCII
    • SCARDA

    Complementary to our unique products and unrivalled capabilities in research and development is our ability to evaluate each design and simplify the engineering with smarter design techniques.

    Please see an example of our architecture.

  • embrace change

    eco-i works closely in partnership with our clients to develop a strategic approach to their needs and, once this has been agreed, we select the most appropriate technology to meet their targets.

    Effective time and budget management are crucial to any business and we focus on delivering to set deadlines and within the agreed budget. Our expertise means we can provide a turn-key service, which encompasses project managers and installation specialists who are skilled, qualified and reliable.

    With a keen awareness of current health and safety legislation, eco-i works strictly within the parameters of the regulations and considers the safety of our clients, our employees and our contractors as our main priority.

    From a company seeking to re-fit and refresh the energy systems in their existing buildings, to a developer creating a brand-new portfolio of contemporary living and working communities, eco-i has the vision and insight to work in partnership and offer real solutions, that deliver real results.

  • invest in the future

    At eco-i, our vision is of a future where energy is effectively harnessed and used efficiently throughout the day and night. The places we work and live will be intelligent, harmonious and eco-efficient and will support us in being the very best we can be.

    eco-i is where knowledge is shared, experience is built upon and responsibility is taken seriously. We use our experience in the energy management sector to help organisations create highly intuitive, purpose-fit buildings which truly reflect and respond to the people who use them.

    We help clients become more efficient, both by saving energy, and by encouraging employee-reliability and productivity through the creation of a healthy, sustainable working environment.

    Wherever possible, eco-i strives to reduce waste and to use locally-sourced products to assist both our clients and ourselves to reduce our carbon footprints and the overall impact we have on the wider environment.